Cruise and Land Tours

The combination of a cruise and land tour is a splendid way to experience a new locale.  Further immersion into the local customs and culture of a destination will leave travelers with a richer and more authentic experience.  By vessel, by rail, by car, by foot — there is much exploring to be done!

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Alaska is perhaps the most popular destination for a combination of a land and cruise tour.  Known for it’s diverse and striking landscape, travelers are able to experience it from all angles.  Alaska is home to Denali – North America’s tallest mountain as well as to several glaciers, which are an impressive site to see in all their grandeur.


The Hawaiian Islands are a “bucket list” item for many travelers.  Combining a cruise with a land package in Hawaii has many benefits – cruising around the islands will allow you to take in more of the beauty in a shorter amount of time, while the land portion of a trip will allow for a greater in depth look into the local island flavor.


Cruising the Mediterranean will allow you to experience spectacular views of Spain, France, Italy and Greece — adding a land package will give you the added enriching experience of being able to dive into the deep history and culture of these enchanting areas.  The local flavors, customs and ways of life will welcome you with open arms.

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